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Gold Business and Editing Solutions provides a convenient, fast, and confidential work system that allows clients to get their content created; documents translated, edited, and designed with remote support. Also, we provide business development, entrepreneurship, and capacity-building services training.

We work with clients locally and internationally to achieve their goals through the written word. Our portfolio covers copyediting and proofreading services for all kinds of documents written in English; translation services (English to French), content creation and business development services for SMEs, companies, individuals and start-ups.

Our time-efficient work culture allows students, corporate institutions, start-ups, SMEs, and individuals to get their content created, documents translated, edited, and designed professionally with ease.

We create job opportunities and groom writers and proofreaders to work remotely. Being customer-centered and conscious of plagiarism, we work with institutions and individuals to create high-standard original content.

We contribute to a clean economy by keeping our operations strictly digital. This ensures that paper is saved as only final copies of documents are printed, while the organizations we work with are encouraged to use digital advertisement.

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Our History

Gold Business and Editing Solutions was founded in 2017 to help organisations and individuals achieve their communication goals with regard to the contents they create for personal, academic, professional and business use.

It has expanded to include translation services, business development services and entrepreneurship and capacity building training.

Gold Business and Editing Solutions was one of the 120 companies chosen out of over 3,000 businesses to receive training and funding under the Job for Youth Project organised by the British Council with funding from GIZ in Ghana. The company has also received funding from The Canadian Youth Innovation Fund. We are currently part of an incubator with the Makeda Foundation in the UK.

Why Choose Us?

We have a pool of highly qualified business consultants, editors, translators and writers with a combined work experience of over 60 years. We work with you each step of the way to ensure that your business, content, editing and translation goals are met.

Our Vision

To become the number one provider of high-quality editing, content creation, translation and training solutions in the sub-region.

Our Mission

Provide easily accessible and high-quality editing, content creation, business development, translation and training solutions.

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