• The Writing Process
    Writing in many ways mirrors working on a project, and while many authors may not intentionally pay attention to this, most effective writing follows a standardised process. Below is a simple six-step process to guide your writing. Step 1: The Pre-writing Stage “Donald Graves … discovered that the best writers rehearsed what they were going… Read more: The Writing Process
  • Entrepreneurship and Capacity Building Training
    We train and equip students and women to start businesses or be prepared for the job market.
  • Business Development Services
    We’re here to help you develop your business no matter the level you’re at whether its a starter business or an already existing one . . .
  • Translation Services
    Whenever you require translation from English to French or vice versa be it documents, essays, et cetera.
  • Content Creation Services
    This service is great for getting high-quality blog posts, company profiles, website content, and other business content types.